A couple of years ago, my friend, who's 20+ years older, got me into pickleball. Instantly, I was hooked. After joining a women's league, I began building remarkable connections with some fantastic women. I invited my friends to join the pickleball fun!

Unexpectedly, last year, at age 45, I had a stroke. My "pickleball family" rallied around me. They provided incredible support that was crucial for my recovery. It wasn't long before I was back on the courts, organizing gatherings and tournaments with my pickleball peeps. 

As an added plus, I've discovered pickleball's essential role in maintaining my mental well-being, especially during Minnesota's dark winters. To share this joy, my husband and I now invite couples to join us for pickleball—a delightful alternative to traditional "happy hour." It's a healthy and enjoyable way to spend quality time without the need for alcohol.

I sincerely believe that my pickleball community played a crucial role in my journey to achieving a complete mental and physical recovery.



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