As a fairly new empty-nester I struggled a bit with my identity. I hadn't had a paid position for almost 24 years, and when asked what I did I would jokingly call myself a retired stay-at-home mom. I had done a lot of volunteer work, which is how I met Terrie Rose. When she asked if I would help her launch Saltie Rose I hesitated. I had a lot of self-doubt about my skills and the value I could add. But, Terrie was firm in her belief in me and so I went out of my comfort zone and said yes and I am so happy that I did!

That sort of encouragement of women to other women is what I see in the pickleball community and that spirit of joy and support has extended to the business side. As Terrie and I learn about on-line retailing, marketing, and about a million acronyms, each time we tell someone that we are making apparel specifically for Pickleball we get such positive responses - because everyone does seem to have a Pickleball story.

Re-entering the workforce as a woman over 50 has made me feel more visible and vibrant in a similar way that I hear from women that are picking up pickleball and playing a sport competitively for the first time. I am so excited to be a part of the Saltie Rose community so that I can help bring that same feeling of being seen, valued, and appreciated to other women.

Written by: Kelly

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