About a year ago, I jumped aboard a rollercoaster of creation, sewing up outfits and hitting the pickleball court. My goal? Craft clothing for the unique needs of pickleball, I wanted to wear clothing that wasn’t generic yoga or tennis. I was about making a statement on the pickleball court while looking effortlessly chic.

Every time I played, it was like a mini fashion show. I'd ask friends for feedback and pay attention to how I felt and moved in each outfit. I tweaked, perfected, and sometimes even tossed aside ideas that didn't make the cut. It was exhilarating—I was constantly evolving and discovering new gems.

As I started doodling outfit ideas, I made sure to jot down notes about what women on the court might need. After a few months, I set my sights on creating beautiful and functional athletic clothing—I wanted my friends and me to look as powerful as we played. I also wanted it to be stylish, worn as a set or separate, and offer coverage where women liked it.

As my first collection launches, I'm excited to share a behind-the-scenes look at the design process.


I have this thing for fabric stores—they're like a wonderland of textures, colors, and endless possibilities! Every bolt of fabric feels like it holds a world of potential—whether it's a fancy taffeta gown, a sharp suit, or a playful skirt. For pickleball, I aimed to create outfits with contemporary shapes, keeping trims to a minimum so the colors could stand out. I wanted the fabric to have the right amount of stretch for comfort and fit.

After picking out fabrics for my first batch of pickleball outfits, I'd come home with armfuls of yards and excitedly explain what I planned to create to my friends. They often looked a bit puzzled, but for me, imagining the finished product was like having a superpower I never knew I had.

When it comes to manufacturing, though, fabric stores are a bit different. Instead of browsing through rolls of fabric, you're dealing with tiny 2" by 2" swatches—talk about a challenge! That's where your imagination comes in handy! As for my first collection, I drew inspiration from bright, joyful colors like mango, pink, and navy. They made me smile and reflected the joy of pickleball.

Development and Sampling

Next stop: Los Angeles. With my daughter, Rebecca Rose, I trotted off to our factory armed with samples I sewed, sketches, and a head full of ideas. Being hands-on with the manufacturing team was a dream come true.

Since the development and sampling process is iterative, my understanding of garment construction and materials came in handy. There were things to improve, sometimes discarded and refined. With the team, we obsessed over details so that the clothes would deliver superior performance and fit.

My favorite part of the design process was trying on each piece and studying it in the mirror. I also played pickleball in the clothing to see if any fit issues arose. Each time, it was exhilarating to see my vision come to life. After a couple more iterations, we created the final samples that checked all the boxes, and the clothing went into limited-quantity production!

And let me tell you about the magic of mix-and-match! It's like unlocking a treasure trove of endless combinations. Who knew my creations would play so well together? It's like they were made for each other—literally!

With the grand launch of my first collection, I couldn't be more thrilled to share what went on behind the scenes with the Pickleball Collection.

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